A chair is just a simple chair, but yet it is so much more than just a chair!

A chair is a sanctuary, a place of respite. After a long day at work, one of our first actions when we arrive home is to reach for the chair.

A chair is a place of solitude. When we need to gather our thoughts, we sit on a chair by the window and ponder long and hard.

A chair is also a source of comfort and support. When we are stunned by bad news, we reach for a chair to lean on for support.

A chair is a symbol of power. The emperor’s throne is nothing more than an elaborate and luxurious chair, but yet its symbolic significance is so much more than just a chair!

A chair is just a simple chair, but its versatility impresses me. I am grateful to the chair for being there for me day and night, whatever my mood may be in.

A chair is more than just a chair. It is a friend and a loyal companion.

As an artist, I have sat in my chair for countless hours – thinking, dreaming, painting and resting.

The “Chair” series is my way of interpreting something so simple yet so versatile. It is also my artistic tribute to something that has played such an important role in my artistic journey.

Click here to view the paintings of the “Chair” series.

~ Nguyen Thi Mai